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Doosan Electric

Doosan Electric

Doosan Three Wheel 1 ton - 2 ton

These hard-working electrics will handle the toughest of application challenges including ramps, grades, and rough underfoot conditions to provide customers with a complete package of speed, power and efficiency guaranteed to meet all of their material handling needs.

Like the engine powered models our Electric trucks feature several Doosan design innovations that help to enhance the overall efficiency of the product.

  • Doosan exclusive ACT (Active Control Technology) that provides ACTIVE:
    • Performance control: self adjusts to operating conditions.
    • Energy control: consistent power draw through 80% of battery charge life.
    • Comfort control: customizes operating parameters to match driver's preference.
    • Heat control: self protects to correct temperature imbalance.
  • Operator-centric performance selection to match application requirements.
  • More work per battery charge through programmable speed selection.
  • ITC (Intelligent Torque Control) - a closed-loop feedback system which monitors loads on drive and hydraulic motors to maintain speed consistency whether the truck is empty or loaded.