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Hauler PRO

It's time to raise your expectations of electric-powered vehicles. With a 72V AC drivetrain that offers 50-mile range with all the hillclimbing power you need, the Hauler® PRO has the capacity to outperform its engine-powered competitors. Couple that with optional IntelliBrake™ technology, silent operation and zero-emissions, and the Hauler PRO quietly turns skeptics into believers. From £10,002.00 + VAT



  • Silent 72 Volt AC electric drive train with a laden range between charges of up to 50 miles (81km)
  • Efficient zero emission electric drive provides operating savings compared to petrol utility vehicles and is environmentally friendly.
  • Standard on-board charger, which provides the convenience of charging the vehicle at any outlet within a property and eliminates the need for a separate bulky charger
  • Standard limited-slip differential provides for greatly improved traction on wet or loose ground, while helping to protect surfaces from damage due to wheel slippage
  • Supplied with a centralised battery watering system to simplify battery maintenance

Hauler PRO

Hauler Pro

  • Hauler Pro
  • Hauler PRO Studio Blue Left Side
  • Hauler PRO Studio Blue Front
  • Hauler PRO Front View beside Stone Building (Zoo)


  • Locking Glove Box
  • Windscreen and Wiper
  • Roof
  • Taillights
  • Brake lights
  • Trailer Dump (Steel and Poly)
  • Roll Over Protection System with Seat Belts and Side Nets
  • 12 Volt Outlet
  • Body Colour (Patriot Blue, Ivory, White, Yellow, Orange or Custom Options)
  • Turn Signal with Four-Way Flashers
  • Strobe Lights
  • Work Lights
  • Weather Enclosure
  • Defroster/Fan
  • Steel Cab
  • Beacon
  • Hour Meter
  • Ash Tray
  • Differential Guard
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake 

* Please note the aluminium cargo bed is no longer available in the UK.