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Hauler PRO-X

The HaulerĀ® PRO-X boasts electric power designed to stand up to any challenge, with rugged tires and extra ground clearance that's ready to take you places other electric vehicles would never venture. And while this uncompromising performance makes a loud-and-clear statement, the 72V electric drivetrain delivers silent power right when you need it. From Ā£10,512.00 + VAT



  • Silent 72 Volt AC electric drive train with a laden range between charges of up to 50 miles (81 km)
  • Efficient zero emission electric drive provides operating savings compared to petrol utility vehicles and is environmentally friendly.
  • Standard on-board charger, which provides the convenience of charging the vehicle at any outlet within a property and eliminates the need for a separate bulky charger.
  • Standard limited-slip differential provides for greatly improved traction on wet or loose ground, while helping to protect surfaces from damage due to wheel slippage.
  • Supplied with a centralised battery watering system to simplify battery maintenance.
  • Lifted suspension for increased ground clearance on rough terrain.

Hauler PRO-X


  • Hauler-PRO-X-Green
  • Hauler PRO-X
  • Hauler PRO-X Studio Blue Left Side
  • Hauler PRO-X Studio Blue Front
  • Hauler PRO-X Security Guard down shot


  • Locking Glove Box
  • Windscreen and Wipers
  • Roof
  • Tail lights
  • Brake lights
  • Trailer Dump (Steel and Poly)
  • Roll Over Protection System with Seat Belts and Side Nets
  • 12 Volt Outlet
  • Body Colour (Black, Patriot Blue, Ivory, White, Yellow, Orange or Custom Options)
  • Turn Signal with Four-Way Flashers
  • Strobe Lights
  • Work Lights
  • Weather Enclosure
  • Defroster/Fan
  • Steel Cab
  • Beacon
  • Ash Tray
  • Differential Guard

* Please note the aluminium cargo bed is no longer available in the UK.