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Working Platforms

There are detailed and specific rules about the design and use of working platforms on fork lift trucks. The use of such equipment is restricted to occasional use in exceptional circumstances. Any person involved with the application of such equipment should ensure they are familiar with these rules.

The term "platform" is a bit misleading. This type of equipment is specially designed to allow a fork lift truck to be used to raise one or more people to a working position, in order to carry out an urgent essential task in relative safety. The "platform" must have sides and requires specified safety devices.

Platforms such as pallets, skips or stillages, or any "home made" or improvised device, must never be used to lift people,

The circumstances in which a platform can be used are quite restricted. They include checking for damage at height, changing essential light fittings or clearing blocked gutters. They do not include routine maintenance, stock taking or order picking.

Any fork lift truck that may be used with a working platform must have a Thorough Examination at least every 6 months. All working platforms must also have a Thorough Examination at least every 6 months.