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A new home for a refurbished truck

Our refurbishment program offers the highest level of attention to detail, meaning that every truck that goes through the process is of unmatched quality. Each refurbished machine comes with a 12-month Certificate of Thorough Examination to ensure that it meets our exacting standards and provide many years of service for its new owner.







The latest truck to make it through the refurbishment process was snapped up by a water treatment technical company, almost before the new coat of paint had finished drying! The manager of the company is an existing customer of Ability Handling and, some time ago, purchased a Cat V80B from our collection. After providing many years of service in an extremely demanding environment, the V80B was finally put to rest and a replacement was required.

Kevin Benson, the depot manager of the company, said, “after years of good service from Ability Handling in looking after our old Cat V80B it made good sense to look at what Ability can offer us as a truck replacement”. We looked again at the requirements that the truck would have to meet and got to work.

It didn’t take long for our experts to narrow down the choices, offering a refurbished Doosan G33P-5 as the best solution. The machine has just been through our refurbishment program and was the ideal selection based on the company’s requirements and budget.

If you are looking for used warehouse equipment, forklift trucks or electric vehicles, Ability Handling is the place to come to. We employ a skilled, dedicated refurbishment team who closely examine every detail of every truck, repairing and replacing components as necessary to bring it up to standard. We then offer a service maintenance package to ensure everything carries on working as it should.

You will find all of the big names here at Ability Handling, including Doosan, Aisle-Master and Combilift. These machines are built to last and, after making it through our refurbishment program and the thorough testing it involves, are as good as new. A highly competitive price means that you can stay within budget and our team are always available to offer expert advice.

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