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Ability Handling are Santa’s little helpers!

Recently Ability Handling acted like Santa’s little helpers when we provided Sheffield International Venues with two Doosan LP Gas trucks. They were going to be used to help them set up the venue for a Christmas show.

This was an ice show, “The Spirit of Christmas” and without the forklift trucks then vital preparations couldn’t occur.

The show invites audiences to join Santa Claus and celebrate an extravaganza. Santa will be sharing stories of the past as well as giving the audience an insight into the many wonders of Christmas. Within the cast there are international skating stars, chilling skating displays which help to bring the words of Santa alive.

You will leave the ice arena filled with Christmas spirit!

Doosan have an outstanding reputation for manufacturing durable, dependable and operator friendly forklift trucks. This was the case with the Doosan LP Gas trucks which we supplied to Sheffield International Venues; they needed a reliable truck which was not going to let them down.

As they say in this industry, the show must go on! Without a reliable forklift truck the vital preparation couldn’t have occurred and there would be no show.

If you require a forklift for hire then please contact Ability Handling Ltd. We can offer you a number of forklift trucks to suit your individual needs and requirements.