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Ability Handling attain ISO 9001:2015

Here at Ability Handling, we are committed to ensuring that our standard of service is always of the highest quality. Our reputation as a solid, reliable supplier to a large and diverse array of customers is dependent on this commitment and our latest move in this regard is to transition our ISO 9001 quality management system to the latest 2015 standard.

Over a 12-month period, we have been completing a carefully planned programme of process re-engineering to make sure that all of our systems were ready for auditing. The programme reached right across our entire business and included the transfer of some legacy paper-based systems to our ERP system. The new system provides a more structured format that is far easier for employees to understand and thus work under.

We focused on seven key areas during the process re-design:

  • Customer satisfaction and retention
  • The clear definition of key leadership roles and respon­sibi­lities
  • Improving internal communication and engagement
  • Reducing waste and increasing process efficiency
  • Ensuring that improvement across the board is continuous
  • The identification and addressing of employee requirements
  • Managing relationships with customers and other stakeholders

All of our staff members worked closely with our retained consultant to modify processes and meet the new standard. The auditor commented that it had been a pleasure to complete this audit thanks to the full co-operation of staff as well as the presentation of all relevant documentation and systems.

Achieving the latest ISO 9001 standard is just one way in which we here at Ability Handling are making sure that your experience with us is as reliable as it is professional.

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