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Ability Handling Issue Warning About Forklift Traction Batteries

There have been a number of incidents recently which we would like to draw customer’s attention too. Already the Forklift Truck Association have issued warnings about incidents occurring where thieves are turning up at trade dealers who sell forklift trucks or actually to customer's own sites in order to take away traction batteries under false pretences.

It happens when a person or persons turn up to the site and pretend that they are from a maintenance/­dealership. They talk the person into letting them take the traction battery away even asking the staff to help them load it into a van. Although the Police are aware of this unfortunately this is still ongoing.

Ability Handling has been made aware of this incident taking place and would like to issue a warning to our customers and colleagues highlighting that they should double check before releasing batteries to anyone that they do not know.

Even if they have some form of ID you should double check before the batteries are released to anyone as you have to remember that these are criminals, they are clever and have it all worked out.

It is not just happening to customers of dealerships but it is happening to the dealers themselves too! If there is any suspicious activity in regards to your forklift truck traction batteries or in the event that a loss does occur you should contact the Police immediately.