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Ability Handling Ltd Thanks Loyal and New Customers - Expectations for 2010

A Testing 2009...

This is the last e-newsletter edition for 2009 and the Ability Handling Website closes on another year, happily taking a good rest after an eventful and successful year’s work.

We are proud and humbly appreciative of our loyal customers, most of whom have managed to keep and even grow their investment in our products and services. Like every business that has survived this past year, we have been tested. We have had to hone our skills, trim our procedures, and grow our expertise. We have welcomed lots of new customers and we look forward to working with you all and many more new businesses again in 2010.

What to expect for 2010?

We will keep delivering our weekly News service and you will find more and more product offerings and insightful technical and HSE bulletins in our regular e-newsletters. 

As we enter a new decade, it’s interesting to note the growth of the Ability Handling e-newsletter since its first edition in late 2008. That newsletter was emailed to 46 subscribers. This newsletter, in contrast, is going out to in excess of 1,000... And every month these numbers grow!

Our prices remain very competitive with further exciting and innovative product developments in the pipeline for the New Year from Aisle-Master, Combi-Lift and Doosan Forklift Trucks.. The IMHX 2010 materials handling exhibition to be held at the Birmingham NEC will be a platform for the launch of many of these and we will be issuing further details and invitations for this important world class event in 2010.

The Ability Handling team is excited about 2010!

For more information contact Ability Handling Ltd: write to info@abilityhandlingltd.co.uk, phone 01709 821821 or fax 01709 821421.