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Access to a new market!

Ability handling will be entering into a new market concerning compact access and aerial work platforms. This is an exciting time for us and this particular product line is going to be pushed under the banner name of “Access Ability” which ultimately will be a subdivision of Ability Handling Ltd.

We have recognised the need for our products within a wide range of industries. Take for example a small warehouse where boxes are piled high out of reach but that the aisles are very small in size. Access Ability, the new product range within this will help provide a solution to problems like this where a typical forklift cannot work the new compacted size unit will be able to operate at ease.

We were lucky enough to be in a position to buy three new products which form this range. They are branded JLG, which offers high quality and good value complementing our already existing and highly successful offerings of Doosan, Combilift, AisleMaster and Atlet equipment and machinery.

However it is one thing to invest within capital equipment for the business but there is no point having these wonderful pieces of equipment in our stock without having the knowledge and skills to run alongside with them. This is why we took both our Sales and our Service teams into training.

JLG themselves will be implementing this particular training to ensure that our staff and everyone here is able to offer first rate customer service, product knowledge and customer satisfaction.

We look forward to the arrival of these products, keep a check on our news for their arrival and details about what it is specifically we have bought - all I can say is it is a very exciting venture for us.