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Bespoke Branded Forklift Truck

We have all heard about various brands such as Doosan, Combi Lift and Aisle Master as well as many other brands which are frequently placed in front of us in our day to day lives.

The success which has arisen from successful branding has proved an invaluable tool in concerns to marketing. It is for this reason which Ability Handling would like to make people aware that you can have your forklift truck branded in company colours and even branded with a logo design.

So long as the branding doesn’t interfere with the safety stickers which by law have to be placed on the forklift truck then you are pretty much able to brand it in whatever way you like!

These bespoke forklift trucks are becoming more and more popular as more and more companies look for ways to market and get their brand out there. Corporate branding in this form does come at an extra cost but the possibilities are endless.

What is more you can even customise add on systems which can be implemented onto the forklift truck to save your business money and improve your fleet by providing protection to engines, tyres, gearboxes and many other vital parts.

  • Power savers which automatically power of a forklift truck when it has been idle for a set amount of time.
  • Speed limiters which will notify those around through sirens and flashing lights that a selected speed has been exceeded. Further more you can limit the overall speed so that a forklift will only ever get to say 8mph.
  • Seatbelt features so that drivers must be wearing their seatbelt at all times whilst the truck is in motion.  Even though this has to be plugged in, many drivers try and get around this by plugging it in and then sitting on it but they now come in bright orange and so people around can easily notice if it isn’t being worn in the correct manner.
  • Engine savers which shut the engine down after a 30 second period of warning, these warnings are often ignored by forklift truck drivers and by doing so they end up causing even more damage. This particular add on monitors engine temperatures and oil pressure in order to prevent engine failure saving you money.
  • The gear saver changes a manual forklift  truck into an automatic drive so that there is no need for manual gear shifting ultimately preventing damage to the clutch and drivers pulling away in high gears or even harsh changes because it automatically selects the appropriate  gear.
  • The tyre wear saver works by preventing forward and reverse selection whilst the truck is in motion helping to maintain traction and corrects bad driving. It can increase tyre life by 200%-400%.
  • Last but certainly not least is the overload saver which works by notifying the driver of excess loads. You pre-set this weight and if exceeded a siren will sound and lights will flash this is one of the ways of improving forklift safety reducing the risk of excess weight falling off as well as the reducing the risk of the truck tipping.