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Designed to improve your workflow by effectively becoming three forklifts in one, a sideloader, counterbalance and narrow aisle forklift. This revolutionary design eliminates costly double handling of material and improves productivity.


The Combi-C has the ability to quickly change the direction of its wheels and move in any direction. This 4-way movement gives this forklift the versatility to transport long loads through narrow doorways and around objects with confidence and utmost safety.



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  • Combi-C3000E
  • Combi-C3500
  • Combi-C5000XL
  • Combi-C8000
  • Combi-C8000ET
  • Combi-C10000
  • Combi-C25000


An advantage of a 4-way forklift is that the Combi-C has the ability to operate as a narrow aisle forklift. It can effortlessly transport long loads in aisles as narrow as its own width.

To take further advantage of its narrow aisle performance the Combi-C series can operate in guided aisle configuration.

By utilising the advantages of the Combi-C series the storage capacity of your site could be dramatically improved, by as much as 100%. As the truck has the ability to operate as a sideloader carrying long loads in narrow aisles and has the agility to move around the entire site with confidence, considerable gains in storage density and throughput can be achieved.


Safety is at the core of the design of the Combi-C range for the operator, the load and the site. It’s very low centre of gravity and integrated platform provides a very stable base for resting long loads on while transporting. There is no longer need to carry the load at elevated levels reducing the risk of injury or damage to the product.

Safety is further enhanced by the innovative moving mast system and hydraulic forklift positioner allowing the operator to adjust the forks, reach out, lift the load and place it on the platform without the need to leave the cab, reducing the risk of injury and strain.

Visibility is greatly maximised by the having the cab mounted to the side of the mast. The operator has a clear view of the forks and the load, increasing safety and reducing the risk of product damage.


Tough reliable and built to last, the Combi-C is built to ensure the highest levels of performance and durability. From its range of powerful engines to its no-nonsense design it has the strength to handling gruelling schedules demanded of it, indoor and out, in all weather conditions.

Built using the highest quality standard components and only essential sensitive electronics they are easily maintained extending the operational lifespan which leads to an excellent return on investment. As the Combi-C series is designed to operate for extended periods, drivers comfort is of utmost importance.

The Combi-C series is designed with a spacious, easy to access cab fitted with an easy to adjust, full suspension seat. The controls are intuitive and ergonomically positioned controls improving driver confidence and comfort.


Combilift knows that the material handling challenges faced can vary greatly, from warehouse to the most specialised applications. Combilift takes pride in the fact we offer the widest range of customisation. From lifting attachments, engine technology to forklift configuration and lifting capacity, Combilift will build exactly the right handling solution for you.