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Combi GT Series 2.5 ton - 4 ton

Combi GT Series 2.5 ton - 4 ton


GT Series

Combilifts' IC GT Series was developed in response to the markets' need for a robust and reliable Stand-up Side-loader. The Gas/LPG powered engine and hydrostatic drive allows this side-loader to be used in very narrow aisles both indoors and outdoors.

The GT Series can be customised to offer the desired platform length and can work in aisles as narrow as 1270mm. Two standard models offer a range of platform options, capacities from 4,500kgs range and lift heights up 8.3m.

  • Models 2500 kg - 4000 kg Capacity.
  • Designed for Narrow Aisle Applications.
  • Available in LP Gas, Diesel & Electric.
  • Ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Extensive range of lift heights up to 8.5m.
  • Wide range of custom attachments.