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Do it with a Doosan!

Perhaps the very best recommendation for any product is a repeat purchase and many of our customers, after experiencing the myriad qualities of Doosan forklift trucks, choose to further extend their fleet. A building company that recently purchased a refurbished Doosan G18S-5 from us has joined our ranks of doubly-satisfied customers with the purchase of a second truck.


When a company expands, everything has to expand with it and that includes their fleet of materials handling equipment. We were right there ready to help when the building company got in touch to let us know that they would be installing a new racking system to store their products.

The company needed a forklift truck that would be able to lift products on and off the new racking, which has a height of almost 5 metres. In addition, the new truck would require fork extensions in order to deal with longer loads. The Doosan G18S-5 is the perfect machine for the job and we were able to quickly provide a fully-refurbished model that met their requirements, including the customised fork extensions.

Dean is the buyer for the company and told us that he was ‘highly delighted’ with the purchase of the used Doosan as it looked almost brand new following its refurbishment. He added that the first truck purchased by the company had been in operation for two years without any problems and so it made sense to contact Ability Handling again with the request for a higher lift and capacity for our warehouse.

Doosan forklift trucks are renowned for their versatility, strength and power and our refurbishment techniques mean that they are guaranteed to operate problem-free. It is easy to get exactly the right model for the job when you choose a Doosan and our team are always available to help you make the right choice.

For all your materials handling needs, Do it with a Doosan!