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Doosan 1.5 ton - 2 ton

Doosan 1.5 ton - 2 ton

Forklift truck

These forklifts are redesigned from the ground up...

Doosan's reputation for durable, dependable and operator friendly forklifts is further enhanced by our 3,000 lb - 7,000 lb heart-of-the-line Pro5 series. Providing a well balanced mix of enhanced technology, operator comfort refinements, performance efficiencies, and serviceability advances, these new pneumatic forklifts will increase productivity and lower your operating costs with features like:

  • Optimized Operator Comfort: The operator's station has been designed to enhance productivity throughout long hours of operation. The rubber floor mat reduces noise and vibration for the operator's comfort. The pedal system is designed for minimal operator effort and provides better control with spacious foot room for the driver.
  • Proven and Durable Components: The durability and engineering design of our components aid in minimizing your downtime and reducing your maintenance costs by instituting several features:
    • Environmentally friendly and reliable engine.
    • Aluminum radiator for better cooling efficiency.
    • Steer axle articulation maintains 4-wheel contact with floor on uneven surface.
    • Rugged frame structure.
    • Oil Disc Brakes.
  • Enhanced Maintenance and Serviceability: Clam shell hood with wedge design, coupled with toolless floor plate, offers easy access to: engine, control valve, cyclonic air cleaner with dust ejector, oil filters, transparent coolant reservoir, and a maintenance free battery.