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Doosan 5 ton - 5.5 ton (extra capacity)

Doosan 5 ton - 5.5 ton (extra capacity)


Highly efficient and reliable forklifts with productivity enhanced features.

These rugged trucks are designed to exceed the expectations of operators, production personnel, and service technicians. Doosan's 7,000 - 12,000 lb IC Cushion and Pneumatic Series trucks will keep even the toughest operation running smoothly, all day, everyday with:

  • Powerful and fuel efficient LP Gas and Diesel engines that provide high horsepower ratings and comply with EPA Tier III emission regulations.
  • Power Reversal Transmission control valve modulates clutch oil pressure for smooth directional changes. Permits on-the-go shifting up to 5 mph.
  • Ergonomically designed operator compartment with deck mounted hydraulic control levers, fully adjustable steer column, automotive style operator pedals, and full suspension seat keeps operators fresh throughout operating shifts.
  • High capacity trucks capable of lifting 5 ton - 5.5 ton at load centre's of 600mm.