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Doosan: combining versatility with strength

When it comes to combining accurate handling of both heavy and fragile goods, Doosan have got it covered. The company’s forklift trucks are renowned across the industry for their robust construction and this made Doosan the ideal choice for a leading specialist within the access platform and lifting industry, Peter Hird & Sons.

Peter Hird & Sons offer a wide range of bespoke services and have notched up 30 years of experience in the trade. The company provide a select range of cranes and access vehicles for sale and hire, as well as delivering accredited training courses in how to safely operate such vehicles. When a big production company wants to move and take its machinery along with it, Peter Hird & Sons is the company they go to.

The range of equipment at the company HQ is as varied as the services they offer, reflecting the equally broad and diverse cross section of industry they serve. Moving difficult and fragile items such as their new and growing glass handling equipment along with heavy plant equipment like mini-cranes means that Peter Hird & Sons needed forklift assistance and they got in touch with us to recommend the best machine with enough capacity to handle the load.

After completing a thorough site survey and examining the situation from all aspects, our Sales Engineer Mike Townsend recommended a 3.3 ton counterbalance forklift truck and Ability Handling subsequently supplied Peter Hird & Sons with a brand new Doosan D33S-5. After using the truck and seeing the difference it made to the work process, Depot Manager John Marshall confirmed that the right choice had been made with the tough, reliable Doosan D33S-5. We are proud to supply such a highly-renowned company with this quality truck and receive feedback that it was performing well in its new role.

Alongside Doosan, we offer a wide range of forklift trucks and other materials handling equipment to suit all requirements. To find out more please do not hesitate to contact our expert advisors to start your journey to a more productive way of working with Ability Handling.