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Doosan forklift wins award before its built!

As you well know Ability Handling work extremely closely with Doosan. We sell a full range of Doosan Forklift trucks and most recently they have been awarded the highly prestigious Red Dot Design Award for its futuristic concept forklift.

The award praises design concepts, ideas and visions but the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany who presented the award were most impressed with how efficient and environmentally friendly the new design was.

Doosan Forklift’s new futuristic model however features the highest levels of safety and will completely change around modern forklift manufacturing.

Created at the Doosan Institute of Technology Industrial Design Centre it is hoped that it will be being manufactured within the next decade with a number of similar products to run alongside it.

The forklift will feature new materials as well as having a whole range of production techniques applied. Although there are all these exciting changes Doosan will ensure that the new futuristic model will stick to their beliefs:

  • Simple to use
  • Powerful
  • Great Performance

 “Various elements of the design could be seen on our forklifts within 5-10 years, all our concept vehicles serve a number of purposes. There is the very practical purpose of allowing us to consider the future possibilities of our designs in a way that is not linked to current production methods or models.”

The Red Dot Design Award has received 15000 submissions from a total of 49 countries. It was decided on and assessed by a panel of expert judges based in Singapore.

It was this panel which proved hard to please,

The hard work and dedication of our research and development teams has brought us great success today, and developments like the ones recognised by the Red Dot Award will bring us even greater success in the future.”

This exciting glimpse at what the future holds in regards to the design and functionality of forklift trucks simply shows that our only limits is our imaginations. There are a whole multitude of new technologies which can completely change the way manufacturing works as well as other industries which heavily rely on forklift trucks whether they are bought as part of company assets or whether they are forklifts for hire.

Ability Handling is looking forward to what we think will be an exciting future in regards to forklift trucks, their design and functionality.