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Doosan Gain 2nd Award for Future Forklift Concept

iF have been inviting international manufacturers and designers to enter their products into the iF design awards for 58 years now. This is an opportunity to see designs from all over the world in one place and recognise and reward the best ones.

The futuristic model of the Concept Forklift which is efficient, environmentally friendly and has high levels of safety was presented and its ingenious approach to the challenges facing modern forklift manufacturing understood.

Doosan won this award hands down; working closely the Doosan Concept Forklift project with Doosan Institute of Technology Industrial Design Team a fantastic forklift truck vision of the future was created.

iF were extremely impressed with how the new concept of forklift incorporated new materials and production techniques but still stuck to the Doosan belief of simple, powerful products with outstanding performance levels.

Ever since Doosan unveiled the design earlier on this year it has received attention on a worldwide scale. In addition to this award Doosan also received the Red Dot Award for Design Concept 2011.

According to the two teams from Doosan who worked together on this project they tried to stick to three main themes:

"Innovation that embodies efficiency & intelligence"

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