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Doosan reliability generates repeat business

Here at Ability Handling, we pride ourselves on supplying materials handling equipment of the highest quality. This means that we have to have a good long-term memory as our customers can take many years to get back in touch with us due to their trucks providing such a long and successful service life!


It was more than 17 years ago that an international fume extraction company purchased their very first Doosan machine, a GC20E truck. Over this period of time, the machine has delivered reliable, trouble-free service, a fact that clearly made a big impression on the managing director and business development manager of the company.

Though still in full working order, the GC20E is powered by gas and the company wanted to find out if switching to an electric powered machine would suit its needs. The business development manager knew that contacting the experts at Ability Handling was the best way to find out the pros and cons of electric trucks.

Jim Quinn, one of our Business Development Managers visited the company to discuss all of the relevant aspects. After looking at all the available information, he was able to confirm that switching to an electric truck was a viable option, as it would be used in a closed warehousing environment for the vast majority of time but was still able to be used outdoors as the need arises. In addition to improving productivity, an electric truck would also offer increased cost-effectiveness in terms of fuel usage and negate the need for the storage of gas bottles.

The machine recommended by Ability Handling was the Doosan B20X-7 with finger tip controls and the company quickly placed an order. With machines available from stock we were able to offer a fast delivery time and their chosen truck is now in active service every day at the company.

Doosan is a highly-renowned manufacturer of materials handling solutions and the Ability Handling team are perfectly placed to recommend and supply their complete range of machines. We invite you to browse the Doosan collection or give us a call for all the important details, delivered by our professional customer service team.