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Doosan: The 7 series electrics

Doosan Forklift Trucks

Another electric truck from the acclaimed Doosan 7 series has recently been purchased from Ability Handling. The customer this time is an engineering company which specialises in the manufacture of encapsulated seals as well as a wide range of ancillary products used in a number of different industries from aerospace and defence to energy and power.

The operations manager at the company was advised by experts at Ability Handling to purchase the B20T-7 electric Doosan forklift truck. After using a Doosan B20T-5 model at the premises for more than 5 years with no trouble, it was a natural choice to upgrade to a new Doosan 7 series.

The Doosan 7 series electrics offer many features, including:

  • Waterproof components which allow for both indoor and outdoor operation
  • Fingertip controls for the most accurate driving and materials handling experience
  • An auto parking brake to save time and improve safety
  • An AC drive which is the smoothest yet produced
  • Oil-cooled brakes which are extremely low-maintenance
  • The Guardian Stability System which controls vehicle speed when turning sharp corners
  • High capacity batteries coupled to a high-frequency charger to provide opportunity charging capability
  • 5-year warranty plus the best aftercare service from Ability Handling

The operations manager was particularly impressed with the hydraulic fingertip controls and electromagnetic auto parking brake system which delivers unlimited ramp hold.  As the truck will be required to work outdoors, the waterproof components such as sealed ac drive motor, hydraulic pump and controller ensure full versatility.

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