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Doosan Three Wheel 1.5 ton - 2 ton

Doosan Three Wheel 1.5 ton - 2 ton

Doosan trucks

1,500 - 2,000 kg Electric, 3 Wheel Series (dual front wheel drive, twin rear steer wheels)

Compact forklifts to provide the best combination of performance, efficiency, and value on the market.

Doosan's AC Drive and Hydraulic technology on this family of trucks enhances your investment in equipment, personnel, and efficiency.

  • AC control on both Drive and Hydraulic motors generates more run time per battery charge for greater productivity and energy efficiency.
  • Elimination of motor brushes, commutators and directional and hydraulic contactors decreases maintenance and minimizes downtime for reduced operating costs.
  • Roomy operator compartment with optimized pedal positions, an infinite tilt steering column, deluxe suspension seat, and deck mounted hydraulic levers keeps operators fresh and productive all day, everyday.
  • Intelligent Torque Control (ITC) continuously monitors loads on traction and hydraulic motors to maintain equivalent speeds whether truck is empty or loaded.