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Electric trollies help to ease the burden

A new customer based in the North East has recently taken delivery of these three custom built electric powered trollies to ease the burden of moving goods and equipment around their large facility.
Having seen similar trollies operating at one of our customers nearby, they recognised the efficiency and safety these afforded over their current handling method and promptly placed an order for three identical machines. Located a short distance from the old Smith's Electric Vehicles factory, our legacy customer has been using electrically powered trollies for many years and has a fleet with various specifications to suit particular duties.
The modular design of these trollies means it is very easy to specify the length and width to suit a variety of load sizes and this makes them ideal for use in confined areas.­ Featuring an industry standard tiller control for simple operation and exceptional mano­euv­ra­bility, the trollies can negotiate narrow corridors and aisles while carrying up to 1000kg.
Equipped with a solid state controller and fully sealed batteries, these machines need very little maintenance and are extremely reliable. In addition, we supply this model with an on-board charger as standard which means it can simply be plugged into the nearest 13A socket when ready for re-charging.
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