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Everybody needs good neighbours

It’s true what the song from the Australian soap opera says: everybody needs good neighbours. And, those neighbours often make great friends too. It’s just the same for business neighbours and we make sure that we stay connected with ours. That connection was made even stronger recently….

Our old Mangham Way site shared the same area as Taylor Woolhouse Ltd and, when they needed a bit of assistance, we were always more than happy to lend out one of our materials handling trucks, namely a Doosan D25S-5. It’s a rugged, powerful and versatile truck and was just perfect for moving the odd few pallets from here to there at the Taylor Woolhouse premises.

In fact, the truck did its job so well that it caught the attention of Robert Taylor, managing director at the company. Like anyone else who sees the truck in action, he was decidedly impressed and wondered if Doosan made a similar machine that could cope with rough terrain; his aging Manitou needed replacing and he liked the look of the Doosan.

We were able to inform him that Doosan are now the proud owners of the Bobcat brand, which is renowned around the world for their tough, punchy rough-terrain vehicles like the skid steer loader and various telehandlers. Robert became even more interested at this point and requested a hands-on demonstration with our expert team.

We quickly arranged this and showed off all the attributes of the TL470 telehandler; this took quite some time as the vehicle has an impressive number of features! Robert didn’t have to tell us how delighted he was; we could see it on his face as the TL470 revealed trick after practical trick.

No more convincing was required on our part as Robert ordered a brand new machine and added extra options such as the reverse-mounted camera, air conditioned cab and bucket attachment. He quickly got his TL470 road-registered in order to further improve flexibility; the machine can now be moved between the company's various sites and utilised for a range of different applications.

It’s great having good neighbours and, after the extra time we spent together in the company of the TL470, we’re now definitely on good friends terms. Bringing neighbours together.. It’s just one more feature to add to the impressive TL470’s list! Want to know more?