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Exclusive Forklift 'Safety-Plus' Upgrade Pack!

Safety is of the upmost importance when it comes to operating forklift trucks, with forklifts being involved in many accidents and fatalities Ability Handling have an exclusive offer that you need to grab with both hands!

If you make a qualifying new Doosan factory order with Ability Handling and it is received before the end of April 2011 then we will supply you with a Safety plus upgrade pack absolutely free! You will not find this exclusive offer anywhere else!

The safety plus upgrade pack means that the forklift truck will only start once the seatbelt has been applied, this means that drivers must be adhering to the correct safety guidelines at all operational times.

Furthermore to this the seatbelt is made from high visibility “orange” webbing which makes them clearly identifiable with managers, floor managers and other authority figures so that there is no way around not wearing the seatbelt unless of course you have a “lazy manager” who doesn’t keep on top of the safety regulations.

It is important that operators do wear a seatbelt, to avoid the 'mouse trap effect'. This is where a forklift truck could tip due to a number of reasons and the instinct of the person inside is to jump out. This then results in the truck landing on them in a 'mouse trap effect', crushing them between the forklift and ground and this could prove to be fatal.

It is now a legal requirement on all forklift trucks that a seatbelt is fitted, this was introduced in 1998. Used trucks which do not contain seatbelts are advised to be modified so that a seatbelt can be added as a feature.

To take advantage of this fantastic offer, make sure that Ability Handling receives your new factory order before the end of April 2011. As long as we do receive it before the end of this month then we will provide you with the safety plus pack completely free of charge!

Take a look at our Doosan range, the hardest part now is picking which forklift truck to buy!

For more information regarding this exclusive offer then call Ability Handling today on 01709 821821 or email info@abilityhandling.co.uk.

Terms & Conditions apply, free upgrade offer is not available in conjunction with any other Doosan offer or promotion.