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Forget Brexit, embrace Euro IIIB with Doosan 7 series

Irrespective of the recent Brexit vote, any mobile machinery sold in the UK, which includes forklift trucks, is still required to meet the latest European emission regulations and this is unlikely to be revoked.

Meeting the regulations is technically challenging, with many manufacturers taking the route of diesel particulate filters to reduce emissions. While these work, they can be a maintenance minefield for operators. Doosan took the bold step of developing a completely new range of engines to meet the requirements and these have been incorporated into the Doosan 7 series diesel forklift trucks.

A long standing Ability Handling customer has recently started to upgrade their fleet with Doosan 7 series trucks fitted with Euro IIIB engines. Specialising in the processing of ferroalloys and minerals, the company need tough trucks that can cope with the arduous working conditions and this is the reason they originally selected Doosan 3 series trucks back in the early 2000's. While some of these trucks are still operating, the company progressively updated their fleet to the later Pro 5 model.   

Now their first Doosan 7 series trucks have entered service in the shape of two D25S-7 and a D55SC-7, both of which feature variants of the new Doosan G2 engine to meet Euro IIIB emission standards. While providing more power output than the benchmark Pro 5 model, the new trucks are more efficient and this results in a 30% reduction in fuel consumption. In addition, the 7 series trucks have extended service intervals to minimise downtime and are supplied with an optional 5 year drive train warranty for complete peace of mind.

Along with all the other updated features, the new Doosan 7 series trucks have inevitably proved popular with drivers. However, with significantly reduced operating costs the new machines are also ticking the right boxes for accountants too, so now you really can save money while helping save the environment.