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Fork Lift Truck Accidents Fallen by 69%

It has been announced that the total number of forklift truck accidents which proved to be fatal has actually declined and fallen by as much as 69%. These figures have been announced by the Forklift Truck Association (FLTA).

During 2009/2010 data from Health and Safety Executive shows that five British Workers were killed by forklift trucks and this was down from a peak of 16 in 2006/2007.

With ongoing campaigns about forklift health and safety both fatal, major and three-day injuries have reached record lows; on average falling by 45%. Major injuries involving forklift trucks and resulting in amputations, long bone fractures and unconsciousness fell below 400 for the first time ever.

Even though the total number of fatal forklift truck accidents has fallen by 69% unfortunately even five fatalities is too many! With vast improvements already it shows that taking that little bit of extra care can really make a huge difference.

From 19th September to 25th September the Forklift Truck Association will be running National Fork Lift Safety Week. This will run on the theme of “More Skills, Less Spills”. Life shattering injuries can be prevented; statistically a person is killed every six weeks due to a forklift truck.

National Fork Lift Safety Week was launched in 2008 with the aim of helping to raise awareness of the dangers whilst emphasising the importance of common sense measures that make forklift operation as safe and efficient as possible.

Walk Safe - With the majority of people not realising that you do not have to be driving a forklift truck in order to be injured by one, or even killed, it is important to note that in fact two-thirds of those who are hospitalised in forklift truck accidents are in fact pedestrians.

It is everybody’s responsibility in the workplace to improve forklift truck safety not just those who operate them. Ability Handling has some useful safety tips and guidance sheets for forklift truck use as well as a handy forklift pre-use truck checklist.