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Forklift Truck Attachments

Forklift trucks can be used in a wide range of applications, through the addition of forklift truck attachments they can easily take on a new form.

Used for many purposes mainly within warehouses and factories forklift trucks allow for the smooth transportation of many items inclusive of even the most obscure shaped and sized ones.

Ability Handling has a range of forklift truck accessories, these include our Skips & Waste Carriers which can be mounted on the front of the forklift and used for handling various dry waste products. You have the option to have them either tip to empty or even the bottom emptying using manual or automatic mechanism. These come in a choice of colours and if you are having a bespoke forklift this can be coloured in order to fit in with its design. In its standard form it comes in highly visible orange colour, powder coated.

Another vital attachment which we supply is our range of Lifting Hooks & Jibs which provide a safe method of lifting products and it turns the forklift into a miniature mobile crane. With this attachment you have the option of positioning it along various positions on your forklift blade in order to suit the requirements of the project.

Sometimes there may be a need to stabilise long and awkward loads without damaging them in any way! Forks & Fork Extensions can help you to reach those places and ensure that the load is not damaged in any way and they work by offering a stable platform.  

If you are a business who has a number of drums, whether they are steel or plastic then our Drum Handling attachment is ideal for you. This is easily fitted onto your forklift and offers a quick, easy and reliable method of moving these drums around.

If drums are not something that you deal with but rather you have a large number of carpet rolls, fabric rolls or any other products which come in a roll or a coil then our Carpet Pole & Coil Booms attachments may be something of interest to you. They make handling such items so easy you will wonder how you managed without one!

Long/Wide load Handlers do exactly what the name suggests, they make handling any unusual sized loads easy to handle so that safety is never compromised and products are never damaged due to them falling from a forklift.

Access Platforms are actually a proven, safe and reliable method for use when carrying out any routine maintenance, inspections or stock takes. All of our access platforms are fully compliant to PM28/Second Edition.

Last year with the snow blanketing various parts of the country we were overwhelmed by the number of people who ordered our Forklift Snow Plough and Mini Gritter these helped them continue with their business whilst the snow caused so many other companies problems and even forced closures. However this year we are warning people to get prepared early and have them on standby because you never know when the snow will make an appearance.

Just like this article is coming to an end, when the working day within your factory or warehouse draws to a close there is a need to maybe sweep the floors and ensure any rubbish or debris are removed ready for the next day. Now rather than send someone around with a sweeping brush why not just attach one of our Fork Mounted Sweepers to your forklift and see how quickly your floor is cleared!