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Forklift Truck Attachments for Winter

It is a wonder where time flies and with the nice weather we have been experiencing recently it seems wrong to put a negative on the sunshine! Believe it or not though winter is just around the corner and for those who own a forklift truck it is important you think about forklift truck attachments which have been specifically designed to tackle winter problems.

Last year we sold out of many of our winter forklift truck attachments and this was largely due to the cold weather and the presence of snow which blanketed the country.

This year many companies who struggled to carry on running their business in the winter because of being unprepared have actually planned ahead and we have already sold a number of our winter forklift truck attachments.

Our snow chains which are fitted onto the forklift truck tyres can help the forklifts to grip in the snow and icy conditions. These are perfect for use when the snow is extremely deep and compacted; with these fitted you can gain much needed assistance and drive your forklift through the snow.

Mini gritters are great for attaching to a towing eye of a counter balance forklift truck in order to spread grit via a wormdrive which is driven by the axlewheels. This can be supplied with an eye hitch or a ball in order to allow usage with a regular towball equipped vehicles. Mini gritters complement our forklift mounted snow ploughs.

Forklift mounted snow ploughs are great for scraping out yards and moving snow to clear pathways for both people and vehicles. What is more they are perfect when used with a mini gritter for clearing snow so that the grit can have a better effect. It comes with three blade width options so offers complete adaptability.

Finally we have our winter pack which is for much smaller areas. They contain everything you require for fast, easy and highly effective gritting of smaller icy car parks and footpaths which are difficult to access with larger machines. In the winter pack you will find 200kg capacity of Grit/Rock Salt Storage bin, 4 X 20kg bags of rock salt, snow shovel and also 54 kg capacity pedestrian walk behind broadcast gritter/salt spreader.

Last year when the snow fell our phones rang and rang off the hook with people wanting these various attachments in quick time and we were able to fulfil this need however, avoid the rush and the panic and order them now so you are fully prepared.