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Forklift Truck License?

Ability Handling would like to put straight that there is no such thing as a fork lift truck drivers license, there is no central licensing authority and therefore the responsibility falls to every employer.

To ensure that employer have adequate training before they use work equipment there has been a regulation put in place, Regulation 9 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment 1998 ensures that employers have some experience.

Employers and anyone wishing to operate a forklift truck must have training delivered on every single type of equipment that he or she may be required to operate. This can be done easily and often you can have a instructor come and visit in house. Alternatively if this is not possible then a external trainer may well be used.

The training provider whether they visit you in house or externally will provide you with a certificate, this is not a license as many people wrongly believe. Details of the results of the training are included on this certificate and then the employer is required to give written authority for any employee wishing to operate a forklift truck.

If an individual document is issued this is the closest document to a licence but it is important to know that it isn’t a licence. The employer who gives the written consent will determine how long the authority remains valid but full monitoring of operators is always recommended.

Maintaining your forklift truck is a legal requirement and failure to do so can result in extremely serious accidents. Pre-shift safety checks are advised and you can download our forklift pre-use checklist so you can keep a tab on any issues which are reported and even which forklift truck operator has used the truck last.

Therefore if a incident does occur it is much more easier to resolve, no one can pass the blame if it is all recorded properly. Giving piece of mind to managers, operators and creating fairness amongst staff.