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Forklift Truck Maintenance of Tyres

A very important point to take note of when purchasing a forklift truck is forklift maintenance. Specifically in this article Ability Handling Ltd Rotherham are going to focus on tyre safety.

Forklift truck tyres are the only parts of a forklift truck which are always in contact with the ground – or at least they should be! Not only do they provide the forklift with movement but also grip, friction for braking and there is also an element of suspension for both comfort and safety.

Tyres which are excessively worn or are in a generally all round poor condition are potentially dangerous and place the forklift truck operator in grave danger as well as those working in close vicinity of the forklift.

Initially you need to take much care and consideration into selecting the correct tyre for your forklift. This will be depended on the type of forklift as well as the environment which the forklift will operate in. Ability Handling Ltd and our expert team will be able to advise you on which tyres are most suitable for your specific needs.

  • Tyres must only be fitted/repaired by a fully trained engineer
  • When a tyre is damaged or in poor condition due to usage or even over inflated/under inflated then they could affect the stability of the truck so ensure you check them thoroughly before operation.
  • As part of a routine regularly check your forklift truck tyres for any wear, tears or damage and replace any with new ones immediately ceasing operation of the forklift until this is complete.
  • In regards to tyre wear, pneumatic tyres must have a minimum of 1mm of tread over the centre 75% of tread around the complete circumference. Solid rubber resilient tyres may be used until they are worn to the wear indicator, also known as the 60J line. Press-On Band, Moulded Direct and Conical Base Tyres may be used until 2/3rds of the original thickness remains. They should be changed if there is any sign of damage, deformation or the tyre coming away from the wheel.
  • Tyre wear is sometimes hard to assess and so if you are in doubt get in contact with your forklift supplier who will be able to advise you on this.
  • Not all tyres have a tread. Some tyres that do can be re-grooved but this should only be done professionally, in accordance with the tyre manufacturer’s instructions and never below the 60J line.
  • Saving on Tyre Costs - If you feel your tyre wear is excessive we can advise on fitting tyre wear reduction systems which can help reduce tyre wear by 200% - even on your existing forklift fleet!