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Forklift Truck Nearly Strikes Jenson Button

One of the important events within Formula One’s calendar, the Blue Riband event was held this weekend but for one participant it nearly ended up as a disaster when he was nearly knocked down by a forklift truck.

Yes that is right, Jenson Button nearly ended up taking a trip to hospital rather than competing. An overnight fire which caused damage needed to be repaired ready for the circuit.

This is the second of back-to-back races and so with drivers, engineers and officials having to travel from Barcelona to Monaco and the race starting a day early the problems were intensified and the atmosphere could be cut with a knife!

However, a forklift truck which was reversing nearly hit Button when he was walking across to go and speak to some of the other race participants. Jenson recalls the forklift reversing and although he had spotted it the driver of the forklift was not even looking.

Although he said it was a mistake and that the guys are working non-stop in order to get the course built and ready in time for the race this incident highlights the importance of health and safety within pressured situations.

It should never be compromised, if it is then accidents like these can occur and it was lucky that on this occasion Jenson Button was not injured. Jenson Button has called for a two week break between the two races in order to minimise the pressure placed on everyone.

Ability Handling would like to use this as an example to all, training forklift truck drivers as well as all operators of materials handling equipment should be carried out in accordance with the latest Health and Safety Legislation. We currently offer a wide range of training courses which are all AITT/ITSSAR accredited and cover novice, refresher and conversions.