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Forklift Truck Operators on Frontline

It is Monday, you don’t need me to tell you that but in the next seven days 43 people inclusive of two teenagers are likely to be badly injured by UK forklift trucks.

Figures released by the Fork Lift Truck Association have been based upon HSE workplace accidents statistics since 2001 however, these are all reported accidents there could be so many more that people just haven’t reported.

Forklift trucks injure almost as many people at work as vans, cars and HGVs combined, which is particularly hard hitting. Over the next seven days the 43 people and two teenagers on average will break down into the following:

  • 20 Pedestrians will be struck by a moving forklift truck
  • 11 Amputations resulting in long term consequences
  • 5 victims were approaching retirement age of 55+
  • 3 injuries involved female workers.

If these 7 days of injuries isn’t enough to get you thinking about safety involving forklift trucks then did you know that on average someone is killed every six weeks by a forklift truck?

This rate doubles pre-Christmas time when extra staff is drafted in by companies to cope with stock movements. Overturning the forklift truck is one of the main accidents that occurs and is caused by:

  • Travelling on slopes that are simply too steep
  • Going over slippery surfaces such as grease or oil and even just water
  • Trying to cross uneven ground or ground which it too soft
  • Going over kerbs, steps or other edging materials
  • Going too fast in particular going to fast around corners
  • Overloading the forklift truck either too heavy or uneven loads
  • Carrying a load at a dangerous height can cause overturn

Lack of maintenance is yet another critical factor which causes accidents, injury and fatality.

Not maintaining your forklift truck can prove fatal, Ability Handling can help you with all your maintenance needs. Our pre-use checklist can be used by each and every forklift truck operator to check their forklift before they use it and make sure they are not putting themselves or those around at risk. Put your forklift truck maintenance needs in safe hands, Ability Hand-ling?

Ability Handling do not want you to become one of these 43 people who are injured, permanently damaged or even killed because of a forklift truck. Make sure that you make yourself aware - we have already highlighted the importance of forklift safety.