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Forklift Truck Training Could Save Lifes

Every day 1.2 million workers within the UK put themselves at risk from a serious or fatal accident simply because they have not been adequately trained to work near fork lift trucks.

The forklift truck association carried out in depth research in order to try and improve standard and safety. Every single year around five to ten Britons are killed by forklift trucks.

In addition to this four hundred are hospitalised with major injuries including amputations and crushing. Over a thousand more suffer from an accident which results in them needing more than three days recovery time.

One in twelve UK employees regularly work near forklift trucks. Most worryingly fewer than half of these have received the minimum recommended training for their job. It isn’t just the forklift truck drivers who need training it is van and HGV drivers, warehouse workers, managers and other colleagues in closely associated roles.

Two thirds of accident victims are colleagues on foot and unless employees have had the correct training and are in a position to spot the risks then unfortunately managers cannot protect them.

It is no surprise that there have been so many accidents happening literally every single day; 55% of logistics workers lack the basic skills for their job and if this extends to fork lift truck awareness then the results most definitely do not come as a shock.

Companies need to realise that adequate training must be provided to their employees so that accidents serious and even fatal can be minimised and hopefully eradicated completely. Take a look at Ability Handling’s Forklift Safety tips.