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Forklift Trucks and Carbon Monoxide

Usually heavily loaded with goods both horizontally and vertically placed, forklift trucks are used within a range of industries. They are needed frequently if not constantly and this results in a heavy usage.

Forklift trucks whether they are new forklift trucks or used forklift trucks; are powered by either Diesel, LPG fuels and Electric motors. Although they have many advantages it is important to take a note that engine powered forklift trucks actually emit carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

Carbon Monoxide, known as the silent killer is actually extremely dangerous as you cannot see it, smell it and therefore the only way of knowing it is there is through a carbon monoxide alarm. Therefore it needs to be regulated and monitored, there needs to be adequate ventilation within the area where the forklift will be operated.

Monitoring this dangerous gas is probably something which often is deemed unimportant however, over time Carbon Monoxide obstructs the blood from carrying oxygen around. It then mixes with haemoglobin; it is this mix which causes serious problems and abnormalities to a person’s health.

Prolonged inhalation of this gas can actually cause a person to lose consciousness, experience nausea and headaches not to mention it can be fatal.

It is for those reasons that forklift trucks both new and used should be monitored. Regular maintenance checks should be in place. Ability Handling has a solution for all your maintenance needs, scheduling in regular checks for your forklift trucks. We can advise you as to how frequent this should be according to the type of forklift truck you have and the application within which it is operating.