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Get a Grip Use Our Snow Chain Fitting Guide!

Ability Handling supplies a whole range of forklift truck attachments. With winter just around the corner and the Mr Frost already sneaking in our winter essentials have been flying off the shelf!

Recently though we noticed our Snow Chains for Forklift Tyres were causing issues for many who were interested in purchasing them. What puzzled them was how they were actually fitted to a forklift truck and more so how complicated it was to actually fit them.  

Ability Handling therefore released our step by step brochure guide for customers so that fitting their snow chains to their forklift trucks and getting a grip was easy as 1,2,3!

Take a look at our fantastic guide:

Our Show Chains can be fitted both easily and quickly to tyres and in doing so you actually minimise risk therefore preventing accidents. This means also that in addition you actually help to increase levels of safety.

As a note our chains are standard fit and will not fit tyres which are dispro­por­tional, heavily worn or may have alternative dimensions which our chains are too small or too big. We cannot accept any responsibility for this

Our chains standard fit solid and pneumatic tyres. Disproportional tyres however, or heavily worn tyres, might have dimensions for which our Snow Chains are either too small or too big and Ability Handling cannot be held responsible for this.