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Doosan's great little mover

Ability Handling customer, Ardor Engineering Co based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire have a range of machine tools and experienced personnel to service the demanding requirements of today's precision valve and pump manufacturers. Our machining capacity includes both CNC and conventional machine tools which provide our customers with a cost effective manufacturing solution.

Trading for over 30 years as precision sub-contract machinists, Ardor Engineering is focused in maintaining its position as a leader in its field to the technologically demanding valve and pump industries.

Handling Requirement

Ardor's requirement was for a strong, safe, stable and versatile forklift truck that is able to work outside on a slope loading/­unloading of vehicles whilst retaining the manoeuvrability to operate in the tight confines of their machine shop (just 5,500 Sq ft).  

Solution - Why Doosan 24v Electric Forklift?

The new Doosan B16R-5, 3 wheel 24v Electric forklift truck, recommended by Ability is a highly flexible piece of kit and has a reassuring 'on top of the job' feel due to the high residual capacity of the truck and the precise positive controls from the AC motors which make handling their heavy loads in the confined areas an easy task.

Management and operators alike appreciate the health & safety benefits provided by features such as the standard fit award winning Operator Sensing System (OSS) and the innovative Active Control Technology (ACT) which includes Intelligent Torque Control to provide added safety and performance features whilst the operator is on a slope, anti Roll-Back prevents the truck from slipping down the ramp, whilst regenerative braking puts up to 20% more energy back into the battery.


We chose Ability Handling due to their professionalism and their ability to provide total customer care before, during and after the point of sale. What happens to the equipment after it has been delivered is as important as providing it in the first place.