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Hako Sweepmaster B800

The Sweepmaster B800 (Battery Electrical) models are fully manoeuvrable, compact and highly-accomplished vacuum sweepers. As a larger version of the 650 model, the Sweepmaster 800 series is perfect for more substantial industrial and commercial areas, such as factories and larger shopping centres. It is as efficient as a warehouse sweeper as it is in a hospital or petrol station forecourt environment.

The Sweepmaster 800 provides you with the ability to cover 3,350 m2/h. The sweep width of 670mm (870mm with the side brush), means you will approach tasks with the bonus of instant adjustability.

The sweeping speed of 5km/h and twin 25L hopper configuration means speed and performance are wholly on your side. The quick sweep action and straightforward waste removal system creates seamlessness to your every cleaning task.

With the additional carpet cleaner kit (if you decide this is an option you would like to include in your order) provides gentle yet extremely meticulous cleaning in this context. With the kit, the Sweepmaster 800 is the perfect all-rounder.

When it comes to storage, the Sweepmaster 800’s handle folds away, making a compact and easy to store cleaning machine. Ultimately, the Sweepmaster 800 range offers one of the best cleaning performances on the market.

Hako Sweepmaster B800



  • Robust construction
  • Corrosion-free steel frame
  • Impact-resistant plastic cover
  • Overthrow principle allowing the hopper to be used to its full capacity
  • Simple operation
  • Take-it-easy hopper system
  • Large debris flap
  • Onboard charger
  • Sweeping performance 3,350 m2/h