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Hako Sweepmaster B980R

The Sweepmaster B980R is a perfectly compact vacuum sweeping machine for use in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Boasting 4.5 hours of constant operation, it is made possible to maintain the cleanliness of your spaces with ultra-efficiency. The hopper bins are split to make the task of emptying more straightforward and less demanding. The Sweepmaster B980R has been built with user comfort and convenience in mind; it comes with many adjustability options to suit the operator.

The 980 is a more powerful version in this branch of industrial sweepers; it has evolved from the 900 models. As such, you may find it a better fit for purpose.

Compared to the B900R, the Sweepmaster B980R offers more equipment and comfort. Besides the additional drive of power, the built-in automated filter cleaning system and available extra options make cleaning far easier and accessible.

The Take-it-Easy dual-dirt hopper system is fitted as a standard measure, and it an attribute that reduces lifting stresses for the user. The optional hydraulic high dump feature renders the task of waste removal effortless, and this is extremely effective for the larger devices in the compact class.

For safety and comfort measures, the machine is designed with seating support, warning lights, a vacuum cleaner (B version), and the option for a cab safety roof. With power, tailoring and convenience on its side, the Sweepmaster B980R is revolutionary in fulfilling your cleaning demands.

Hako Sweepmaster B980R



  • Perfect sweeping result
  • Filter status indication
  • Program-controlled and effective R2S filter-shaker-system resulting in dust-free sweeping and easy handling
  • Main broom change without tools
  • A 20% gradient limit
  • Outstanding manoeuvrability
  • Intelligent disposal concepts: “take-it-easy” or hydraulic high dump (optional)
  • A special winding protection device prevents bearing damage when film and tape are swept up
  • Powerful drive
  • Many additional options