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How Important Are Forklift Trucks and Forklift Maintenance?

For those who are not directly involved with forklift trucks on a regular basis it can be hard to recognise their sheer importance in many applications on a daily basis.  A forklift truck is a vital piece of machinery which helps to lift and move large loads around warehouses, construction sites, manufacturing units and many more.

This isn’t the limitation of forklift trucks though they can be used to carry out a whole range of tasks. Forklift trucks can come in a whole range of sizes and shapes along with different branding. Currently Ability Handling is supplying forklift trucks from leading brand names such as Doosan, CombiLift and Aisle Master.

Forklift trucks can be known or rather referred to by a number of terms:

  • Forklift truck
  • Lift truck
  • Stacker truck
  • Side-loader
  • Fork truck
  • Fork hoist

Forklift trucks have been identified globally as a useful tool; manufacturers are torn between the decision to purchase a new forklift truck or a used forklift. Some simply do not have a choice as with tightened budgets a new forklift truck is out of the question!

Ability Handling has a number of new and used forklift trucks which will suit virtually all budgets and requirements. We advise our customers to contact us to discuss your individual requirements as you should always go for a forklift truck which meets your needs rather than one which seems okay and will be covered by your allocated budget. Of course budgets are important however, Ability Handling can usually find what you want at the price you need – providing this is reasonable!

We offer our customers so much more as well as just a purchase of a used or new forklift. We have our ISO9001 Quality accredited forklift maintenance service. Providing a regular and thorough forklift maintenance service to our customers means that their forklift trucks are correctly maintained and there can be no serious accidents caused by improper forklift truck maintenance, no breakdown of equipment and no unscheduled stoppages to your work.