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Huge Fine for Lack of Forklift Safety

Health and safety concerning forklift trucks whether they be new forklifts or used forklifts is extremely important and must be followed at all times in order to avoid accidents occurring.

However, a plant hire company has been fined along with one of its mechanics after a forklift truck overturned and in doing so killed the driver. Kevin Nappin died on site in Buckinghamshire in 2007 when the forklift that he was using to load digger buckets onto flatbed Lorries actually overturned.

But finally justice has occurred as the HSE investigation has finally come to a close and has found the Plant Hire Company guilty of not keeping the forklift in good working order for when Mr Nappin came to use it.

The company mechanic had incorrectly modified the brakes on the truck, in doing this incorrectly he cost an innocent man his life. The company was fined £50,000 and had to pay further costs of £15,000. Kevin Nappin who has a family went to work and never returned because the company never provided him with a safe environment to work in.

This story is an example of how important it is to ensure that health and safety is adhered to at all times and that maintenance of the forklifts is carried out regularly, checked and any work that needs to be done is carried out by a professional.

HSE will not hesitate to prosecute any company who does not abide to the rules and regulations which are put in place in order to prevent tragic fatalities from occurring.

Ability Handling can discuss with you forklift maintenance as well as driver training in order to ensure that fatalities such as these do not occur.