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Importance of Forklift Safety Highlighted!

The most devastating news has highlighted the importance of safety concerning the operation of forklift trucks. Niall Page, a seventeen year old was working in a warehouse situated at Trafford Park when he was crushed by a forklift truck.

He was rushed to Salford City Hospital where doctors battled to save his life. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful and he passed away.

The devastating incident occurred just three days before Niall was due to turn eighteen. As you can imagine family and friends of Niall have been left heartbroken by the tragedy and have not been able to give a statement as yet.

The Health and Safety Executive has launched an investigation, no suspicious circumstances have arose as yet. Although this is an extremely devastating incident where a young male lost his life it is important that it is highlighted and so we don’t see a reoccurrence of this.

This is the message from Health and Safety Executive. Their website, Shattered Lives highlights how simple procedures when put in place can effectively save lives.

On average forklift trucks are the cause of 24% of workplace transport accidents, usually this is because of a lack in training and poor supervision.

Last year alone over 70 people were killed in accidents involving vehicles at work and a further 2000 seriously injured. If these figures don't hit home then what will? How long will you leave it before you become aware and make others aware of the dangers of Forlift Trucks when safety regulations and guidelines are not correctly followed.