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Is it a Snow Plough, Is it a Gritter, Is it a Sweeper? No its Multihog!

Introducing the Super powered new Multihog, which throughout Summer is a Mild Mannered Clark Kent, happy to cut the grass, trim the hedges and keep the streets clean. Just like Clark Kent (the alter ego of superman) there is more to this product than meets the eye and as soon as the icy grip of Winter hits it leaps into action, a quick change of costume and our hero is ready and fully equipped to save the day…

The Multihog is a truly impressive multipurpose vehicle – the Multihog masters the fine balance of inter­chan­ge­ab­lilty whilst matching or exceeding the performance of every piece of equipment that it would replace.­  

The Multihog is fully roadworthy and extremely manoeuvrable, it has the ability to rapidly mount an endless variety of front mounted attachments which are particularly practical for urban applications. The Multihog’s 4 x 4 drive uses a patented Sure drive System 'SDS' differential lock which improves traction with no loss of power or heat generation, and same track pivot steer minimises ground disturbance even with heavier attachments. Its tilting driver station, wide wheel base and low centre of gravity makes the Multihog implement carrier the only vehicle to choose for operating on steep slopes and rough terrain.

The Multihogs Heavy Duty Snow Plough is a 2400mm blade which can swivel 30 degrees to each side and provides hydraulically powered  lift, tilt and angle . This . It is also spring loaded and comes complete with nylon wear strip. Note effective size of plough is 2100mm when fully angled to 30 degrees.

Also available to complement the snow plough is a Snow Blower, this extremely heavy duty attachment designed for thick snow removal. The snow blower unit can be specified with a variety of cut widths and features centre drive cutting reels, so it can handle the most difficult of snow conditions.

The multihog uses a hydraulically operated rear mounted Gritter unit with a total capacity of 1m3, this gritter mounts and de-mounts the Multihog in minutes. The spreading width is adjustable between 1 and 8 metres and the material quantity is adjustable between 5g/m2 and 250g/m2. The compact design allows access to the most restricted areas.

All the steelwork on the Multihog is shot blasted (cleaned) then it is pre heated & painted with a zinc rich powder. This first coat of powder is then pre baked and a second/top coat of powder is applied. The components are then heated/baked to over 200 deg C.

We carry out salt spray tests on painted panels that have used this system and achieve over 2000 hrs of salt spray; this is equivalent to 15 years (approx) in the field.

We will be releasing further details between Christmas and New Year on this exciting new venture and demonstrations are available for booking now. The Multihog will be brought to market through a dedicated new company jointly created by Ability’s very own Lee Brown and Roger Hardman. In the meantime if you have any questions regarding the Multihog please contact Lee Brown.