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Its Big & Its Clever - Those Smart Chaps at Doosan Don't just do Forklifts

Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction (CEO Geewon Park) shipped on July 12 evaporator No. 1 for installation at the Shuweihat S2 water desalination plant, a project the company had acquired in the United Arab Emirates in July 2008.

□ The evaporator (Distiller), which was shipped at the in-house pier at the company’s Changwon Plant, is the largest of its kind produced to date. It has the capacity to produce 16.7 MIGD (about 76,000 tons) of distillate water from sea water, a volume enough to supply 25,000 people a day.

□ The evaporator measures 33.5 meters in width, 10.9 meters in height, 100.5 meters in length, and weighs gross 4,000 tons. Notably, it uses a material called “Duplex,” which is strongly resistant to erosion and very thin, for the first time.

□ Evaporator No. 1, which has been completely assembled at the Changwon Plant through the ‘One Module’ method developed independently by Doosan, will arrive at the United Arab Emirates after a 23-day voyage. Following the shipment of evaporator No. 1, evaporator Nos. 2 and 3, which are now under construction at the Changwon Plant, will also be shipped in phases in late July and late August, respectively. The Shuweihat S2 plant will have a total of six evaporators.

□ The company won the order for the Shuweihat S2 water desalinization plant project, worth about $800 million, from GDF Suez, a developer, in July of last year.

□ The Shuweihat S2 plant, to be constructed in the Jebel Dana region, about 250 km west of Abu Dhabi, will incorporate the multi-stage flash distillation (MSF) method for evaporation. The plant will produce 450,000 tons (100 MIGD) of potable water per day, sufficient to meet the needs of 1.5 million people at once. The plant will be completed in August 2011.