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It's hard labour for new Doosan forklift

It may sound like something a prisoner serving ten years 'hard labour' might be found doing, but crushing rocks is actually big business and very important for several aspects of world economic activity. And as any rock-crushing prisoner will contest, you need all those years to properly crush even a single rock, especially if you’re using a rusty old tool!

Doosan G33S-5 doing hard labour

One of our customers is a leading supplier of excavation and rock cutting tool attachments to the construction, nuclear, mining and utilities industries. The manager of the company recently got in touch and told us that their current truck, a Doosan LPG machine, was still working fine but could not cope with the larger and larger attachments they were now supplying. The increased weight of the larger attachments meant that their 2.5 ton Doosan was struggling to lift them, having been purchased when lighter attachments were the norm.

Following a site visit and a comprehensive survey of the application, including checking the weight of the new larger attachments,­ we were pleased to recommend a new Doosan G33S-5 with a 3.3 ton lifting capacity. The chassis on this model is the same as their existing truck and this meant that the manager had no worries with regard to the new machine's size and manoeuvrability in the confined workshop and storage area.

Doosan are one of only a small number of manufacturers to produce a 3,3 ton truck based on a standard 3.0 ton chassis with most manufacturer's stepping up to a larger 3.5 ton chassis. With a lifespan akin to the sentence of the hard labour prisoner, the new Doosan G33S-5 has everything the company needs to meet their requirements for many years to come!

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