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LP Gas Storage for LP Gas Forklifts

As a supplier of LP Gas Forklift Trucks then it is important that we notify customers on how important it is to ensure that LPG Cylinders containing a gas known as propane or butane are correctly stored to avoid any nasty accidents.

Under pressure LPG is a colourless liquid which when released readily evaporates to form the Gas; it has no natural smell but when supplied usually an odour has been added in order to help warn people if a leak occurs. When this Gas mixes with the air the mix is highly explosive and if there is a form of ignition near by then it can burn or explode which can cause huge problems.

Safe storage is not only important but it is essential in order to prevent damage to buildings and to minimise injury or even fatalities to people.

Ability Handling would like to offer some advice and guidance about how to store this gas before customers consider purchasing from our full range of Doosan LP Gas Forklift Trucks.

Cylinders when delivered must be stored in a safe place which is well ventilated. If possible they should be stored in the open air. Further more to this their positioning should be away from any buildings which are occupied by people as well as being far away from any sources of ignition or heat.

The cylinders should be stored in a secure location, storing them in a locked cage is usually what people decide as the best option although it is important to note that the cylinders must be kept upright.

If you are going to store them in a cage then make sure in addition to storing them upright the area is kept free from rubbish and is clean. Also ensure that any plantation such as grass, weeds, bushes and trees are not within the vicinity as should the gas burn or explode it is this plantation which will fuel a fire.

If there are weeds within the area then make sure that you do not use a weed killer which is chlorate based as this can become a fire hazard. Attaching signs to the cage or location of the cylinders which clearly state “NO SMOKING” is advised as it is this ignition which could result in the gas burning or exploding. Ensuring that this is adhered to is extremely important.

If you make sure that you follow these simple steps then you can help to minimise risk, accident and even fatalities of people who otherwise may be harmed.