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It's Mobility from Ability for the National Trust

Ability Handling has recently supplied two modified Shuttle 8 personnel carriers to the National Trust featuring integrated ramps to facilitate a wheelchair bound passenger along with up to 5 other passengers and the driver.


Ideal for the transportation of both able-bodied and wheelchair bound passengers, the modified Shuttle 8 vehicles provide the perfect solution for moving people with varying mobility on private roads around large sites. With the second row of seats removed and the addition of a folding aluminium loading ramp, wheelchair passengers can be easily pushed up onto the low floor level of the vehicle. With the platform then raised it acts as a safety barrier at the near side of the vehicle to complement the fixed rail at the off side.

Back in the days of Smith's Electric Vehicles we used to carry out modifications of this type here in the UK but this specification is in such demand around the world that it is now available as a factory order, with the conversion carried out at the Cushman factory in Augusta, USA.

With its new high performance 72v drive train incorporating efficient regenerative braking, the Shuttle 8 has the power to operate all day long. The AC control system has safety features to provide anti-roll back, walk away braking and anti-stall motor protection. For the rather inclement weather we have here in the UK, the vehicles were fitted with windscreen and wipers plus a removable custom made waterproof cover to provide weather protection while maintaining all round visibility.

Delighted with their new electric vehicles, the National Trust quickly put the Shuttles to use in the two stately homes where they will be based, ferrying passengers from the car park to the start of the tour.

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