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More precious than gold...

Titanium is an extremely precious metal and has to be properly handled in storage and during transportation. This means that using materials handling equipment of the very best quality is essential; one of our existing customers knows this fact well and so knew where to come when expanding their operations…

A leading titanium processing company has recently experienced rapid growth, with reprocessing orders increasing dramatically. The company urgently needed two new trucks to keep up with the demand and Ability Handling were called in to help.

The titanium processing company already utilise a previously supplied Doosan D30S-5 to facilitate their work and are extremely pleased with its versatility and efficiency. Always reliable, the 5 series machines combine the strength and accuracy required for handling titanium products safely. Following a site survey it was identified that 2.5t trucks were big enough to cope with the load sizes so David, the Managing Director, ordered two new Doosan D25S-5.

Each truck was specified with a triple full free lift mast and a roof mounted rain protector. Most standard specification trucks are now available from UK stock so Ability Handling were able to deliver the trucks in a fortnight, much to the delight of the customer.

David said that the Doosan D25S-5 were an an obvious choice as they had proven themselves to be tough, reliable and accurate machines, perfect for the environment they are required to work in. Both of the new trucks are now fully operational and are helping to keep up with the demand for titanium reprocessing.

Doosan is one of the leading brands of forklift trucks and materials handling equipment. Ability Handling have many years of experience as Doosan dealers and we invite you to take advantage of our unique, close knowledge of the company’s products by contacting our expert team. We will guide you through the range of options available, matching you with the very best machine to suit your requirements.