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New Area Sales Manager at Ability Handling

Ability Handling Ltd would like to welcome our new Area Sales Manager, Mr Nick Norris to our highly experienced team. Nick has joined the team in order to expand and develop our sales, hires and forklift maintenance services for the Yorkshire and Humberside region as part of the “A1 corridor”.

Nick will be focusing on the following towns:

  • Forklift trucks, Doncaster
  • Forklift trucks, Pontefract
  • Forklift trucks, Goole
  • Forklift trucks, Selby
  • Forklift trucks, Hull
  • Forklift trucks, Scunthorpe
  • Forklift trucks, Retford
  • Forklift trucks, Grimsby
  • Forklift trucks, York

Along with these listed above he will be concentrating on some other towns too. Nick brings with him fantastic experience; working with forklift truck manufacturer Lancer Boss and having worked for many Nissan dealerships in the past he is going to offer our customers some fantastic advice and guidance.

He has a wealth of experience and knowledge of both the industry and the region.
We have named him Mr Nick “Chuck” Norris, so when he isn’t busy working for Ability Handling he can be found practising his 'judo chops' in readiness to stand in for Chuck when the stunt work gets too touch for his celebrity long lost brother!

Nick is excited to be working for well funded privately owned business with a powerful customer focussed approach and a strong commitment to delivering excellence, all of which is supported by the assurance which comes with ISO9001 accreditation.