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Out of the frying pan...

Our clients often specify that their materials handling equipment must be able to perform well in cold temperatures as outdoor work in the changeable UK climate will be required. It’s less often that temperatures at the other end of the scale are mentioned but that was the case recently when a local furnace company got in touch with us…


For the past five years, the furnace company have been using Doosan diesel forklift trucks from the popular 5 series. These trucks were originally supplied by SEV, who Ability Handling acquired in 2015, on a contract hire basis which has now come to an end; our consistently professional service and competitive rates have encouraged the company to stay with Ability Handling for the renewal and this time we were able to recommend machines from the new 7 series by Doosan.

The manager of the furnace company decided that, as the Doosan trucks they had on contract hire had been so reliable, sticking with the same brand and supplier was the best idea. After re-examining the company’s requirements and objectives, our business development manager Jim Quinn recommended five new trucks for the fleet.

Four of the new trucks were Doosan D33S-7s with one Doosan D50SC-7 for the heavier cast moulds and all featuring the Doosan G2 'DPF-free' engine. The five trucks were delivered to the company and quickly put to work, delivering power, accuracy and reliability from the moment they were started up. Years ago they started with just two trucks, but as the business flourished and expanded the fleet grew to a total of nine trucks, all specified and supplied by Jim.

Doosan forklifts are among the most reliable on the market today and the new 7 series is more powerful and efficient than ever. They are designed to be totally versatile, offering a seamless experience to the operator whatever task they are being used for. With a range of customisable features that together create the ideal truck for the job, Doosan forklift trucks are built to last and for that reason can be hired on a long-term basis with complete confidence.

Ability Handling offer the most competitive rates on Doosan forklifts and are able to supply new and used trucks from stock. Our expert team provide clear, relevant advice on choosing the best model for any given situation and always deliver the most professional customer service.

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